Still a lot of snow in Vermont. Mileage went down a little this week, and I plowed through 9 miles on Saturday. Makes running….errrr……still so hard!

The snow is so beautiful, but most of us are sick of the layers. The layers people! The down coat, the down mittens, the wool hat, the fleece-lined boots, the long johns, the ski socks, etc. This is what I look like on a normal day.

My non-skier friends and I seriously question if we will have green grass again?   I went away for the rest of the weekend – which was lovely and full of cupcakes, winter curry, and good friends – and just made it home from a  two-hour drive in a horrible snow storm. It was the kind where numerous cars were in the ditch, people were going about 30 mph on the highway, my fingers hurt from gripping the steering wheel so hard, and I was saying Hail Mary’s to myself. Um, yeah. I’m hoping to hit up a yoga class this week because my body feels totally out of alignment.

I’m also battling what appears to be my fourth cold in the last few months. I find this weird since  this winter I joined my first local CSA, gave up soda, and am regularly running again?! I drink smoothies full of spinach and blueberries {and cocoa and peanut butter}.

It’s seriously green sludge.

Hurmph! I’m not sure if it is because I’m working with more kids for teaching this winter or I’m not getting enough sleep. I’m trying to figure out a new firm bed-time, thinking 10:30 p.m.

On that note, g’night. Hope you all had a relaxing & safe weekend.

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5 Responses to MARATHON TRAINING: 9 miles

  1. Mary says:

    Glad you made it home safely!! I got a cold a few days after my long training run last weekend and was still recovering this Friday. I was supposed to run Sat morning so I was curious if it would be smart to do a long run with a cold and started researching the immune system and long runs – turns out that your immune system can get depressed right after a long training run – for a couple of hours, even up to a day, so you are more susceptible to colds (disclaimer – this is just from some quick online “research”). I guess a higher percentage of people get sick following running a marathon, and also in the few weeks leading up to the race…who knew? Maybe try to steer clear of sick people right after a long run? Anyways, I ended up doing my 9 miler and I was really tired but it didn’t seem to slow my recovery. Hope you feel better soon!!

    • Sarah says:

      I know! UVM is closed today. We got about 2 feet and it is still snowing. That is such interesting research. {You’re so smart. Why didn’t I think to look it up? Heheee.} I need to read more about it. I would think running more would strengthen the immune system. Weird! What are you training for?

      • Mary says:

        I’m hoping to run a half marathon in Charlottesville, VA in early April…barefoot style too! (using Terra Plana EVO2s…which are amazing by the way for barefoot running in the winter)

        Take that piriformis!

  2. Damaris says:

    I love your kitchen and your outfit and that beautiful rainbow. I hope you can start de-layering soon.

  3. Damaris says:

    I’ve seriously spend all morning watching the videos from last night’s performance of Carnaval in Rio.

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