TRAINING: Lots of (dog) walking & pancakes

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Training is going about the same as usual – still running about 8 miles on snowy paths for my longer weekend run. More interestingly, I was dog-sitting Jackson over the weekend. I warned Ashley & Jared before they left for Boston that I might take a lot of pictures of him. He’s adorable. He wasn’t used to being around so many people in the big city of Burlington and was quite the hit. I had loads of people stop to pet Jackson and shower him with compliments.


I really enjoyed having him around too. He was a good cuddler on the couch, and I took more walks in one weekend than I have in the past year. Wow, you walk a lot when you have a dog!

Jackson cracked me up because he loved to bury his head in the snow and walk around with it stuck all over his face. Tee hee.


I did have trouble mastering the art of walking Jackson, carrying dog poop bags, dog treats, taking photos, and talking on the phone. On one walk, I lost my keys. Oops. Campus security had to let me back in my building.  At that point, I thought I had merely forgotten my keys in my apartment. After furious searching for twenty minutes, I went back outside and walked the entire route again. Still no keys. Luckily, some nice person turned them in and I got them back a few hours later.

Needless to say – after the four hour ordeal – I treated myself to a fabulous brunch.


I made Not Martha’s pancakes (that she posted on The Kitchn) topped with blueberries, plain yogurt, and maple syrup. I also cooked up a side of chicken sausage.


I didn’t have buckwheat like the recipe called for, so I substituted whole wheat flour. These were still light and fluffy with a hint of lemon. I’ll definitely make them again.


Weekend brunches just make me just a happier person. I’m becoming more interested in pancakes, and discovering that there are so many good recipes. Here’s a few I’d like to try out in the near future:

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3 Responses to TRAINING: Lots of (dog) walking & pancakes

  1. J.Lynn says:

    oh my, beautiful pup!

  2. Kathy says:

    Cat Cora’s Walnut and Blueberry Bran Pancakes are also good. The recipe is on the Runners World website. Even my teenage son asks for them and he’s a picky eater.

    Another Vermonter ;)

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