Highlights from Paradise.


I took part in my very first Food Blog Camp last week, and I now firmly believe in warm vacations in January, especially when you live in Vermont. I was joking that I got my much-needed dose of Vitamin D for the winter at Grand Velas Resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico.

I also can’t complain about hanging out on white sand beaches with cold beverages……

LR-DSC_5921 LR-DSC_5914

Or doing morning laps in this pool. {Can you see why I shrugged off running for the week?}


We were quite busy at Food Blog Camp and didn’t get to hang out at the beach all day. I would have been disappointed but our agenda was awesome. Sessions by leaders like Elise, Jaden, Todd & Diane, David, Matt, and Adam focused on the business of blogging, photography, food styling, writing style, and they even did one-on-one sessions with us. I got some good tips on changing some things with my header/template, using less photos, posting less but with more thought, etc.

I love that all of them spoke about the importance of supporting the food blogging community and being nice to others.


I really enjoyed the session where Adam showed us food styling tips. I don’t usually take the time to style my food, but my goal is to put more attention and care into the process.

LR-DSC_5890 LR-DSC_5891

I had a blast meeting all of the other bloggers. {I mean, who else would want to chat about blog templates for an hour over dinner?} It was great to get to know people in a fun and relaxed setting. I shared a room with Angela, and I miss her already! {Lucky gal lives in Provence with her Artist and their Scottie dogs.}

Unfortunately, I didn’t take many photos of people.

That’s Angela behind my lemonade and below is the only photo me in the form of a shadow on the beach.

LR-DSC_5908 LR-DSC_5924

I mostly took food pictures.

Chef demonstrating molecular gastronomy.


Food styling session

LR-DSC_5795 LR-DSC_5555

Kerrygold butter styling session. {I was excited to take home a few coupons for this butter, because I use a whole lotta butter in my home!}LR-DSC_5601

My breakfast: scrambled eggs, potatoes, tomato, beans, and grapefruit juice.


I can’t wait to take some pictures back home with all my new tips! {Unfortunately, I could do without the below freezing temps.}

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8 Responses to Highlights from Paradise.

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  2. Oh my gosh!!! How incredible! I’m so very jealous! I hope you had an amazing time!!! I can’t wait to see some of your pics when you get back! Ok–i think I used way too many exclamation point! haha

  3. What a great experience. I’m in love with the raspberry on the fork. I would frame that on my wall, seriously.

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  5. Tim C says:

    That looks like too much fun – it must have been a great experience! (And in Mexico, even? Well done.)

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  7. I want to eat everything and go swimming in that pool! Heaven

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