Chinese Food & Culture.


Best day of work….ever! We had Chiuho Duval, chef/owner of A Single Pebble {an amazing, very authentic Chinese restaurant in town}, discuss Chinese food and culture for our Global Village class tonight. It was our last class and we wanted to do something fun {and informative} for the students.

Chiuho wanted all of the students to start out eating the Chinese food before she began her presentation. She prepared quite the spread to sample! {I wish I could tell you what everything was…..}





These were fried walnuts….very interesting.





Silver snapper fish. Incredible. I went back for seconds. Chiuho gets her seafood fresh from Boston. She said they call her on the dock to say what they’ll bring her for the day.






Chiuho was soooo interesting. She is from Taiwan and worked as a journalist for ten years. Then began to become interested in food and wine and working with her hands. She worked in a restaurant for someone in Taiwan who went to the New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier and encouraged her to go to culinary school. So, her first time in the U.S. was when she went to NECI! Crazy. That had to be quite the transition.




My plate:)


Chiuho spoke a lot about the meaning of a Chinese meal. They strive for harmony and balance, so you want a little bit of everything – the yin and the yang. Meals often combine a variety of flavors (smokey, sweet, spicy, bitter, etc) and ingredients (foods that represent the five energy fields: wood, fire, earth, metal and water). She gave a few examples: like, mushrooms are earthy; green vegetables often associated with water; the wok is associated with the metal. They just don’t want one thing or flavor to overpower the entire dish. She said that for business purposes, she has to add more sugar to the dishes than she would at home. It was all very interesting.


I like that she ended class encouraging people to be adventurous with their eating and try new things. Will do.

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2 Responses to Chinese Food & Culture.

  1. dad says:

    I want to go to the Chinese restaurant, and then have some of that chocolate cake

  2. I’m so jealous!! I want to take that class!!

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