Cranberry Lime Galette.

tart 2

I went a little crazy in the kitchen the past few days. {Crazy week of school/work seems to equate to more baking.} I made this week’s Tuesday with Dorie baked good, the Cranberry Lime Galette, to bring to a work event today. I was a bit dubious of a cranberry lime galette just because I’d never had that flavor combo in a dessert. Don’t let that stop you! This might be my favorite Dorie dessert. It’s absolutely fantastic and would be a beautiful holiday dessert. A galette, which is a rustic sort of pie, doesn’t even call for a pan. Bonus points for being extra easy.

Here’s what I did:


The day before I made Dorie’s Good for Almost Everything Pie Dough. Mix together flour and sugar.

Add a smidgen of salt.

A stick of butter, which I reduced from the original recipe. {And a tiny amount of Crisco.}

Mix it together.

Until it is in tiny pea-shaped particles.

Add about 1/4 of very cold water.

Form it into a ball.

Wrap and refrigerate it overnight. You don’t have to leave it in overnight, 1-2 hours would also work. {I just noticed that pie crust is becoming much easier for me to make. Yay, for improvements.}


The next  day {early morning before work} I made the cranberry filling. Add two cups of fresh cranberries to a medium-size bowl.

To that, add chopped apples and 1/3 cup dried cranberries.

Then add some fruit preserves. The recipe called for raspberry, but I just used apricot.

Add 3/4 cup brown sugar and zest of one lime.

And the lime juice.


Roll out the pie dough to 13 inches. Take a 9 in pie pan and trace lightly around the surface. That is what you’ll use as a gauge area for your topping. Line the  inner 9 inch circle with a mixture of breadcrumbs and walnuts. {I just used the walnuts.} Then top with the cranberry-apple-lime mixture.

Fold the edges over top.

Brush edges with water.

Then sprinkle with a little sugar.  Bake for 30-40 minutes at 400 degrees.


It’s beautiful. The cranberries have popped and the crust turned a light golden brown. galette

I dusted it with powdered sugar and took it to my work event. We ate it all in about 10 minutes!

tart 3

For the complete Cranberry Lime Galette recipe, please visit Celestial Confections blog. To see other Cranberry Lime Galette concoctions, please visit the other Tuesdays with Dorie bakers.

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3 Responses to Cranberry Lime Galette.

  1. allieatfood says:

    Ok so is it embarrassing that I had never heard of a galette prior to your post?! It seriously looks amazing and I love that you used fresh cranberries.

  2. Jeannette says:

    I love your little measuring cup sugar shaker sifter thingy!! How useful!! What a beautiful galette also!!

    • Sarah says:

      Isn’t that sugar shaker fun! I’m not sure where I got it from? And I was surprised how much I liked this cranberry galette. I’ll definitely make it again soon.

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