Wheat Berries.

Wheat berries! This is my first time cooking with wheat berries at home. My goal is to cook more with grains. The last time I was at the store, I bought a few different kinds that I’ve never used before. (I’m still figuring out what to make with my amaranth.) Wheat berries are the whole, unprocessed wheat kernel. They are high in protein and fiber. They do take a while to cook: after rinsing them, add to medium pan filled with around four times the amount with water. Bring to boil, then simmer for around 60-70 minutes. (Presoaking them overnight like dried beans can cut back on cooking time and help soften the outer bran layer.) The berries have a chewy, nutty flavor and sort of remind me of Israeli couscous. I made a quick lunch by roasting some veggies (pepper, squash, and broccoli) then tossing them with the wheat berries,  vinaigrette, and chopped parsley.

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