Leaf Peepers Half-Marathon 2010.

Reporting back on Leaf Peepers 2010!


The weather in Waterbury was clear but crisp with temperatures hovering around 39 degrees. Brrrr. My “warm-up” was staying warm in the car and catching up on homework. I spent a good time moaning to friends that I didn’t dress warm enough. I had on running capris and a thin long-sleeved shirt. I was wishing for hat, gloves, and long pants at that point. However, as soon as I lined up for the start, the weather warmed up. It got so hot during the race, that I was jealous of those people wearing shorts. Luckily, I had on a tank top under my long-sleeved shirt. My race tip, especially in Vermont, is to wear layers.

Since I didn’t do that much for training, I just wanted to have a fun run. I even brought my ipod, which I normally don’t bring to half-marathons. (Tom Petty’s Greatest Hits album has a great beat for long runs by the way.) I started off at an easy pace, but around the 10 mile mark, I had a Cliff Shot and felt good. I picked up the pace a little, and I actually ended up running the race 3 minutes faster than last year! I finished in around 1 hour 50 minutes. They had snacks and free Ben & Jerry’s after the race. I plopped down with an apple and ice cream.

We hung out in the mountains after the race to check out the leaves. The colors aren’t quite as intense as last year, with more muted oranges than vibrant reds. It’s still beautiful though.

Dinner was a slice of pizza from a little place in Waitsfield. Nothing like a slice of pepperoni pizza after a race:)

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