Weekend Eats.

The limited internet minutes and bandwidth is just killer for blogging and keeping in touch with people. However, I needed to rest up and did just that this weekend. Most of the students were doing some traveling this weekend. I stayed around town: slept in, ate some good food, met some new friends, saw some old friends, went to the Heath, discovered cool old pubs and meandered around town sans map (which was hard for me to do!). Here’s some nibbles.

Lunch before our Shakespeare & Dickens walking tour. I dined al fresco on the lawn outside the Tate Modern. It was some southwestern chicken and rice salad from Mark’s & Spencer.

Peruvian food – not sure what exactly – at Camden Market.

Granola bar in the Heath. Uh, hungry Sarah emerged. I don’t think I’ve been eating enough for all the walking I do on a daily basis in London. This was soon followed by an urgent trip to town for overpriced spanakopita and cookies.

I tried Pimm’s for the first time at the Borough Market. Lurved it – great summer drink.

Chicken club sandwich with a sweet chili sauce at the Refinery on the South Bank. I like the different types of sauces they serve with sandwiches over here. The sweet chili sauce was delish.

Wine at the Wine Wharf.

Indian food at Brick Lane. I don’t remember the names of any of these dishes.

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Always thinking about my next meal.
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2 Responses to Weekend Eats.

  1. Oh, I’m such a huge fan of indian food!! Can’t wait to keep reading when you do have a chance to take advantage of the internet! Otherwise, have a blast!

  2. Terry Reid says:

    Your weekend sounded marvelous! The chicken club sandwich and Primm looked yummy! Enjoy!

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