Weekend of Waffles, Part 1.


I had a weekend filled with Molly Wizenberg recipes. I made both of her recent winning waffle recipes from Orangette and her Everyday Granola recipe from Bon Appetit. What can I say, I like the way she thinks about food. It’s been a while since I’ve used my waffle maker and I was in search of some fabulous new waffle recipes. It also seems that I am craving more to eat after the marathon than the week before the marathon. This carb-filled weekend should do the trick. Saturday I tried this recipe for “A Great Make-the-Morning-of Waffle” which was adapted from the “Waffle of Insane Greatness,” which just might be the best named recipe ever. I’m going to start ending all of my favorite recipes in “of Insane Greatness.” Now, I tried to make this recipe just a little bit healthier. I substituted some whole-wheat flour for all-purpose flour. I also reduced the oil and used skim milk instead of whole milk.


Behold an absolutely beautiful waffle. This will make you smile in the morning. I swear.


Molly thinks that the cornstarch is what gives these waffles their outstanding crisp crust. The inside is still soft and springy. However, the crumb of the waffle wasn’t quite as wonderful as how Molly described her batch. I think this was the result of my “healthier” modifications (less oil, skim milk instead of whole milk, whole wheat flour, etc). Still, an excellent waffle.

I’m a fruit gal, so yes please to a berry topping for my waffles.


A little medley of strawberries and blueberries. I also added an ample splash of Vermont maple syrup. Maple syrup is something relatively new to me. I didn’t have real maple syrup until after college. I grew up on Log Cabin Lite, which resembles glue in texture. There is a difference people. A BIG difference. My parents vouched for that this weekend. They bought some maple syrup to take with them back to Ohio.


Hooray for waffles on the weekend.


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