TRAINING DAY 8: Swim Clinic & the Beach


Good way to spend part of the afternoon, eh? I went to the beach at Leddy Park to chill out and read some mags on this GORGEOUS day!


I like Leddy Beach because it’s this tiny little beach and it’s sort of a secret from tourists. Lovely.


The water was still pretty cold, so only the brave ventured in.


Earlier that morning, I ate some fruit, yogurt, and Kashi cereal before going to a two-hour swim clinic. The swim clinic was super helpful. We did a lot of stroke and video analysis. I’ve developed a pretty good stroke – so they say! – but I need to remember to keep my elbows up.



Off to a BBQ and then watching LOST. I’m actually way behind – I missed half of season five and have only seen a few episodes of season six. However, I have to see THE END (sniff, sniff) because that’s all anyone is talking about. I’m bummed I only discovered Lost this year!

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2 Responses to TRAINING DAY 8: Swim Clinic & the Beach

  1. Angie Bishop says:

    That beach looks lovely!
    I am still at the end of season 2 of Lost. So much catching up to do!

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